Hot yoga has gained popularity in recent years. Especially in cities or up-and-coming areas with younger crowds, hot yoga studios seem to pop up essentially out of nowhere.

I grew up in a household that valued the practice of yoga. I was 14 years old when my mom completed her yoga teacher training and began teaching hot yoga at our local studio. It wasn’t until recently that I began regularly attending a hot yoga class in my city, and I found that it challenged me, improved my flexibility and overall sense of calm.

Curious about trying hot yoga yourself but aren’t sure if it’s for you? I interviewed yoga experts and certified yoga instructors with at least 300 hours of training and years of experience in the industry to find out how hot yoga benefits your body, who should try it and how to get started safely. Here’s what they had to say. . . .

. . . .One of the more prominent benefits of hot yoga is the feeling of greater flexibility. “The heat allows the soft tissue of the body to become more relaxed in a shorter amount of time than in a non-heated room,” Rodriguez says. “Some poses and positions may become a bit more accessible due to this increased laxity.” . . .  The heat of the practice does wonders on the body’s ability to circulate blood. Combined with increased oxygen, the body can send blood to the muscles more efficientlyCertified yoga instructor Eloise Skinner agrees, saying, “The heat also provides an additional challenge for the body, with corresponding benefits for cardiovascular health.” . . . (read more)