There has been recent interest in using light therapy to treat many conditions from skin ailments to chronic inflammation and pain, and for increased healing after surgery or injury.

In the light spectrum, the type, or color, of the light determines its wavelength which dictates the depth it will penetrate the body.

Therefore, blue light would be optimal for superficial or skin lesions, as it does not penetrate the body deeply, infrared (IR) light for deep soft tissues, and red light for the tissues between the two.

The premise for light therapy is that the light works on the parts of the cells referred to as the mitochondria, or the cells’ power generators, which soak up this energy and then generate more energy using it.

It also activates the cascade that produces Nitrous Oxide which is a potent vasodilator bringing in blood flow and healing mediators into the soft tissues.

Experts believe that the combination of these two effects helps the cells repair themselves, promoting healing and healthier tissue.

Light therapy can be delivered in many ways including light pads, blankets, lamps, saunas, and lasers. For most chronic pain patients, the red to infrared light spectrum is the most beneficial. . . . (read more)

SOURCE: Advanced Musculoskeletal Medicine Consultants, Inc.