Move over, hot yoga, and make room for Hot Pilates.

Though it may seem like the latest trend, Hot Pilates has been around and growing since 2009.

Gabriella Walters, a former competitive athlete, developed Hot Pilates to provide a cardio element and intensity in a low impact workout. She founded Inferno Hot Pilates in Las Vegas in 2009 and has been teaching her method around the world.

If you love to sweat, love the heat, and are considering a new hot workout, read on to learn more about Hot Pilates. . . .

. . . . Research has shown that Pilates can improve quality of life through improvements in strength, balance, flexibility, mobility, and injury prevention.

Strength training and HIIT workouts can build muscle mass to support your body’s structure and daily activities. They have been shown to be effective in increasing metabolic rate and burning fat. . . . (read more)

SOURCE: Healthline