With so many different types of workouts out there, it can be a journey to find something that feels like a great fit for you—especially if you’re just getting started. But yoga, an ancient practice based on Indian philosophy that’s been around for centuries, combines mindfulness with physical movements to cultivate a balanced, healthy life.

“A consistent practice will lift the spirit, relax the mind, and strengthen and stretch the body among other benefits,” says Nicole Glor, fitness instructor and creator of NikkiFitness. “With yoga, you can quiet your mind and find joy by moving your body and controlling your breath.”

The benefits of yoga go way beyond being able to do a Downward Facing Dog—yoga is a lifestyle and complete program that helps you turn inward and find alignment of your mind and body. Not only can yoga help you lose weight, increase flexibility, and improve balance, but it can also help you reduce stress, feel happier, and sleep better.

There are so many wonderful reasons to cultivate a yoga practice, but it’s helpful to understand what yoga is and how to get started as a beginner before diving in. That way you can reap all of the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of this ancient practice—starting today. . . . (read more)

SOURCE: Prevention