If you prefer the A/C blasting on high when you do your squats and planks, hot Pilates may not be the class for you. But for thousands of people taking hot Pilates classes across the country, the buckets of sweat rolling down your back as you work your muscles are the whole point of this sizzling new workout.

“Hot Pilates is a low-impact, high-intensity workout performed in a room heated to 95 degrees,” explains Gabriella Walters, the founder of Inferno Hot Pilates in Las Vegas. Walters first created her class back in 2008, when she was recovering from a knee injury. “I was doing a lot of zero-impact exercises like yoga and Pilates, but I got frustrated because I wasn’t getting the cardio I wanted.” Walters held her first classes outdoors, where the desert temps could reach 105 degrees, which, she says, helped her heart rate speed up quickly. “But when I did the same workout during the winter, I didn’t get the same results.”

The solution? Walters moved her workout indoors to a hot yoga studio, and her popular Inferno classes were born. If you’re interested in trying a hot Pilates class near you, here’s what you should know: . ..  (read the article)