When you you hear the term skin-care routine, chances are, products like like cleanser, retinol, sunscreen, and maybe a serum or two come to mind. But as the worlds of beauty and technology continue to intersect, the possibilities for our at-home routines are also expanding. Increasingly, skin treatments previously only available in a professional’s office are making their way into our medicine cabinets via a slew of high-tech tools and devices.

One buzzy example is LED light therapy, which has been said to help with a laundry list of skin issues, including everything from acne and inflammation to fine lines and even wound healing. And though it might be trending, LED light therapy does, in fact, live up to the hype — whether you try it at home or seek out a professional.

But how does LED light therapy really work? What sort of skin benefits can it actually provide? And are LED light masks safe for at-home use? We asked board-certified dermatologists to break down exactly what you need to know about LED light therapy. . . .(read more)