There’s new hope for Parkinson’s sufferers in the form of light therapy, with a clinical trial showing an improvement in the symptoms of participants.

Researchers are now recruiting patients for a larger study in Sydney, which they hope will have similar results.

One of the participants is classically-trained pianist Chen Ong.

She is back doing what she loves after a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease two years ago.

Ms Ong is now keeping the tremours at bay with the help of a hand-held laser light.

“It wasn’t immediate but over a few weeks I realised that I was getting stronger and I spoke better, my walking improved my sleep has improved,” Ms Ong said. . . .

. . . Med-tech company Symbyx has developed the medical-grade lasers, and clinical trials undertaken in Adelaide showed mobility, cognition, balance and fine motor skills were significantly improved in Parkinson’s sufferers for up to a year.
Some even regained their sense of smell.

The infra-red light is targeted at the stomach, energising cells and reducing inflammation.

The therapy is thought to improve the microbiome in the gut, which then helps the brain produce more dopamine, which is a chemical missing in Parkinson’s sufferers. . . . (Read More)

SOURCE: Sydney 9 News