When my client approached me about creating this website for her, I had never heard of red light/near infrared light therapy. I did some research and was intrigued by what I found so I decided to test it out because I was troubled with joint pain in my hips. I used the MitoMIN Red Light/Near Infrared Light Therapy Device and targeted my hips every day. After a while I no longer needed to do that because the pain had stopped–and it hasn’t come back.

I ended up testing the device again when I severely pulled my back while gardening. I immediately exposed my back and shoulder to the device and continued to do so in the morning and evening. I was even able to participate in normal family activities the next day. After while, my back and shoulder healed quicker than expected.

Later I accidentally tripped on a sidewalk and used the full force of my hand to try to stop the fall. By this time I knew that the Red Light device would help it and immediately started using it. The doctor said it would take 3-4 weeks for the swelling to go down, but it actually took about two weeks after exposing my hand and arm to the device each morning. It was painful to move my hand, but I could feel far more mobility in my fingers after using it.

So now I’m a real believer in Red Light Therapy. Beyond just healing, exposure to the light makes you feel better for the rest of the day. Plus, having to find research and articles for this website, I’ve discovered how beneficial it is in so many ways.

Why you probably never heard of Red Light Therapy is because it doesn’t make money for the whole big pharma-doctor-drugstore conglomerate. It’s just light at a certain frequency that heals and doesn’t have side effects. I encourage you to test it out for yourself, like I ended up doing (3 times!).